Easy recipes for the newbie cook, the beginner in the kitchen, the nervous novice: we all had to start somewhere, and you can start right here.

About The Guerilla Griller

Although I have had some various bouts of cooking professionally, I prefer to describe myself as a good (I hope!) home cook, passionate about good food, and also passionate about passing on the news that good food does not have to be difficult or expensive.  I also believe that if you like to eat, you should enjoy cooking - it's not a chore, but a true labour of love.  Here, as The Guerilla Griller, I try to give recipes, methods, techniques and insights into how anyone can cook good, tasty, enjoyable food for themselves, their families and their friends, whatever their budget.

Throughout the blog I have tried to demystify, to cut through jargon, and to give simple, easy to follow instructions - take a browse through the archives and see what you can find.  I'd be delighted if you left a comment or two; I really enjoy reader's feedback.

Where possible, I have given measurements/quantities in imperial (pounds, ozs, pints, inches etc) and in metric (kilos, grams, litre, centimetre etc).  Obviously, keep to one set or the other, or your kitchen results could be interesting...

A small note on the spelling: being English, and living in the beautiful southwest of England, UK English spelling, grammar and terminology is used throughout the blog; I do give some US equivalents where possible.  Except for chili, chillie, chilli - no-one seems to agree how to spell it, and I have probably used every possible variation in these posts!

Thanks for visiting,  and don't forget to bookmark and come back from time to time, as the blog is updated frequently.

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