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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas From The Guerilla Griller

Being a foodie blog, firstly I’m going to wish you well with all your festive food.  Whether or not you’ve been following my helpful hints and step-by-step guides, don’t worry too much.  Don’t be stressed, relish the experience of providing that wonderful meal and all the other tidbits, accept the praise, and don’t forget to enjoy the meal yourself.  And let the others do the washing up.

Don’t bow under the pressure: hey, if you’ve said you’ll all be sitting down to eat at a certain time, and it turns out to be half an hour late, don’t worry.  Don’t try to serve an undercooked turkey just to fit into some arbitrary schedule.  They’ll wait; let them pour another glass of something, play another Christmas game, watch another repeat on the telly.

I’d particularly like to wish a special Merry Christmas to those who have to work today: to the firefighters, the paramedics and ambulance crews, the police officers, the lifeboat crews, and all the emergency services support staff, to the doctors, nurses and carers, to the members of the armed services, to the merchant mariners, to the caterers, cooks, chefs and pot-washers, bar staff, and all in the hospitality industries, the journalists and broadcasters, and the technicians who keep it all going, to the actors and theatre staff and all the other entertainers, to the farmers and fisherfolk who may still be out there gathering our food while the rest of us develop a drowsy glow at the thought of one more piece of Christmas Pudding…

And to those who have nothing, wherever they are.

To all of those, and many more, and to you reading this, Merry Christmas.

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