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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Vanilla Ice Cream with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Not so much a recipe today, as an unusual dessert idea.  This is a combination that won’t appeal to everyone, but I urge you to give it a try: those that like it will REALLY like it.  It works by contrast, and in that the best things to mellow chilli heat are sweetness, coldness and dairy.  There is also a nice visual element too, as the sweet chilli sauce resembles the more familiar raspberry or strawberry sauces or coulis that you may expect to find here.

If you make your own ice cream, all the better, but otherwise choose a very good quality shop-bought one.  Likewise, you may make my Homemade Chilli Sauce, or use a proprietary brand; either use a sweet chilli sauce, such as Thai, or sweeten other types with a little sugar, honey or stock syrup before using.

No ingredients or recipe, as such, just the Method:

One scoop or two of very good vanilla ice cream per person
Sweet chilli sauce drizzled over, quantity dependent on bravery


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